• Brief history of community health

    Community health
    Health should be your primary focus because it allows you to pursue your goals. This is the message delivered by community health to everyone, throughout its history. Along the years, this issue has known significant expansion not only from a geographical perspective but also in regards to the increasing variety of care services. Before joining one of the main programs, you should discover their fascinating past.

    Explore the history of public health

    The roots of community health are originated in the late 19th century when China and England decided that public care should not be neglected. At that time the main concern was related to certain epidemics that needed to be stopped and prevented through an appropriate hygiene education. Florence Nightingale is the founder of the public health model that inspired modern care programs. Small communities were taught how to reduce infantile mortality and sexual diseases. Later on, community health model was implemented in Western Europe and America, where public programs were taken to the next level. Step by step, the idea that state is responsible for public wellbeing service has become a reality. Different associations were created to deliver community health programs (CHP) that consisted of care campaigns about infection prevention, in the past. Nowadays, most of the CHP are not focus on infectious diseases but rather on chronic conditions, such as cancer or stroke. However, CHPs are diverse within a society. You and your family will find support to achieve physical and social wellbeing in any social program care you would follow. Community health has evolved a lot since its foundation, improving people’s knowledge about disease prevention and controlling. Historical facts show that CHP had tremendous benefits for our society development. So, enroll your children in such a program to provide them a wellbeing education that will keep them healthy, no matter what public schools they attend.

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