• How to Soothe Inflammation Associated with Nail Fungus?

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    Fungal infections, particularly those that affect your toenails, have a number symptoms including discolouration, brittle nails, and cracked flaky skin. But perhaps no symptom is as disruptive, uncomfortable, and painful as the inflammation of your toe. inflammation nail fungusInflammation, or swelling, is caused by the detection of an infection in your body and your body’s attempts to fight it. Having discovered a foreign substance, such as a fungal infection, your body sends white blood cells to the affected area in an attempt to prevent it spreading any further. So inflammation can be viewed as a good thing; a sign that your body is responding to a threat to your wellbeing. However, this doesn’t make the swelling any less painful or inconvenient, so here are a few quick tips for soothing inflammation around your toenails:
    • Employ the use of an effective topical cream or ointment. ZetaClear’s topical cream, for instance, contains lemongrass and lavender oil, both of which relieve inflammation and accelerate the healing process. In addition to the topical cream, ZetaClear treatment makes use of a homeopathic spray as part of its treatment, which serves to heal of infection from within as well as directly on the surface of the affected area.
    • Soak the infected toe in a basin of warm salt water. This will help both draw the infection out from the area soothe the pain. You can read about an effective method of doing this here.
    • When possible let your foot breathe by going barefoot, or wearing open-toed footwear. Fungal infections do best in warm moist environments, just like the hot, sweaty climate provided by walking around in shoes and socks. Allowing your infected toe to revel in the cool air is bound to reduce swelling, aches, and irritation.

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