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As of the 1st July 2015, West Dunbartonshire Health & Social Care Partnership (WD HSCP) has been formally established and replaced the former Community Health & Care Partnership. The service information within this website is still relevant - the content is currently being transferred to an updated WD HSCP website that will go live in the next few weeks.


Sensory Impairment Guide to Services


Provides assessment, advice and assistance to people of all ages who have a sensory impairment

The Sensory Impairment Team provides assessment, advice and assistance to people of all ages who have a sensory impairment. In addition to providing direct help, the team supports other services that may have contact with people who have a sensory impairment and gives support to local groups.


We also provide awareness training to organisations who are in contact/working with people with a sensory impairment.

The Sensory Impairment Team also provides advice, support and information to the carers of sensory impaired people and carry out assessments of carers' needs.


Services Provided by the Team


Referrals to the team can be made by people with a sensory impairment, by their families or friends, or by other services. Contact with a member of the team can be in a person's own home, in any CHCP Office, or in any other appropriate place. The person who has a sensory impairment can be accompanied by a member of their family or any other representative they may wish to help them to express their needs and opinions.


Sensory Impairment Team Staff


The staff have knowledge and experience of the problems faced by people with a sensory impairment, and by their carers. They provide a service to all ages, from young children and their parents to older people, and to people who have sight or hearing difficulties but who also have other difficulties such as physical disabilities or mental health problems. They work along with people who have sight or hearing loss to identify ways to overcome difficulties, to assess the practical help they may need and to get support from other services. Members of the team work together with other professionals to assist people who have complex difficulties.


Contact Details

Sensory Impairment Team

6-14 Bridge Street


G82 1NT 


Tel: 01389 737020


If you require further information please send an email detailing your enquiry.

View "Let's see if we can help" in our Resource Library


 Specialist Equipment


Assistance can include the provision of equipment to help people overcome practical problems. A technician works with the team to provide assistance with equipment installation when this is required.

In partnership with Lomond Care and Repair, simple environmental aids are provided directly to hard of hearing people who have been identified through homecare home safety checks.

To contact the Police in an emergency dial 999 by using the emergency SMS


The emergencySMS service lets deaf and speech-impaired people in the UK send an SMS text message to the UK 999 service where it will be passed to the police, ambulance, fire rescue, or coastguard.


Simply by sending an SMS message to 999 you can call for help and the emergency services will be able to reply to you.


You will need to register your mobile phone before using the emergencySMS service, text ‘register’ to 999.  You will get a reply- then follow the instructions you are sent.


For Non emergency calls please use the following:


1. Textphone you should dial

    0141 207 5758 or 0141 532 2000

   Police Scotland has a textphone service available for deaf callers.


2. Report a Hate Crime Online (Not already reported)

    You can report a Hate Crime Online (non emergency) by following the link below to the           

    Police Scotland website.



3. Third Party Reporting

     If you are unable or unwilling to attend a local police office, you can report crime to a trained       

     volunteer at one of our partner agencies.


All reporting can be done without revealing the victim’s personal details. Only with the victim’s consent will police investigate the crime.


A number of locations have been identified where you can go to report crimes in confidence. These third party reporting centres are listed in the pdf documents on the website at the address below.



4. Email

    You can send emails to Police Scotland using the Contact Us form on the Police Scotland

    website. This service is for General enquiries and should not be used in an emergency.


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