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Welcome to the Getting It Right for Every Child in West Dunbartonshire


From this page you should be able to access information about Getting It Right for Every Child, a Scottish Government policy focussed on putting children at the centre of all our services and improving outcomes to ensure the wellbeing of all children.


Getting it Right for Every Child applies to those children and young people who need very little or no support at all, to those who need a lot of support due to adverse circumstances in their life.

Contact Details

The GIRFEC Implementation Officer

West Dunbartonshire Childrens Services

Council Offices

Garshake Road


G82 3PU


Tel No: 01389 737761

This page provides information and links to other Getting It Right for Every Child information and any associated services for all West Dunbartonshire citizens, for those who work here or for those who may not live in the area but have family who do.


What is Getting It Right for Every Child?


The Scottish Government have a vision that all children should be supported to become:


  •  Successful Learners

  •  Confident Individuals

  •  Effective Contributors

  •  Responsible Citizens


As care, education and support services, we need to work with all children, young people and their families and provide that additional support that some families might need to achieve this for all of West Dunbartonshire’s children and young people.


We do that by ensuring we work together, with children, young people and their families and carers, to try and ensure children are Safe, Healthy, Active, Nurtured, Achieving, Respected, Responsible and Included as they grow and develop into good citizens of West Dunbartonshire.


We all share the responsibility to ensure a future for our children and young people and to make sure West Dunbartonshire is a place where they can grow with confidence and strength knowing they will be supported should they need it.




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